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 Junior Research Project

Don't Panic 

The Junior Research Project is given to all juniors at ETHS. The goal of this project is to help prepare you to conduct, read, and analyze research; skills which will be beneficial to you as you pursue college, careers, and life as an informed and contributing member of our society. 

For this project, everyone is going to choose a different US Controversy from this list. You are going to research the controversy in depth, examining different viewpoints. The goal of your research project is to come to a well-informed decision on the controversy of your choice. 

This project is broken down into smaller assignments as much as possible, and each assignment will have a more in-depth explanation on what to accomplish during that step in the process.

Part 1: Research Paper

  • Make a researched argument about a US Controversy, with a thesis statement, claims, and counterclaim
  • Use 3-5 credible and unbiased sources
  • Write in a formal, academic tone
  • Have a works cited page in MLA format

Part 2: Presentation

  • Present your research to the class
  • Your presentation should be no more than 5 minutes long
  • Your goal is to share a clear, succinct summary of the most important things you learned

JRP Calendar

Dates subject to change!







Intro to projects, choose topics

HW: Have topics chosen by next block





  • Summary
  • Works Cited 
  • In-text citations

Central Library: presentation from librarians, start looking for sources

Find at least one source by end of day!


Central Library: research & take notes from sources

Central Library: research & take notes from sources

Start working on first draft


Central Library: work on first draft

Central Library: work on first draft

First draft finished by end of day!

Revision/1:1 conferences


Speed Dating: See what your peers are working on

Revision/1:1 conferences

  • Editing/proofreading checklist
  • Final in-class writing day

Final draft due by 11:59 PM!


Go through presentation guidelines

Work on presentations in class

Presentations during class!