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JRP Nord 23: Home


English III- Earned Honors

Nord Hamilton

          Junior Research Paper        

The Junior Research Paper is given to all juniors at ETHS each year. The goal of this project is to help prepare you to conduct, read, and analyze research; skills which will be beneficial to you as you pursue college, careers, and life as an informed and contributing member of our society. 

You will be able to choose your topic for this paper, but it must be from the Your Personal Identity Connection List, AND you must get approval from Ms. Nord Hamilton or Ms. Rosen before you begin to research.  Everyone  will have his/her/their own topic.  No one will share topics.

As we work in class over the quarter, be your own best advocate and work hard to stay focused; missing the deadlines provided will create challenges and stress down the line. Treat yourself well!  This project is broken down into smaller assignments as much as possible, and each assignment will have a more in depth explanation on what to accomplish during that step in the process.

For your paper, you must:

  • Make a researched argument about a Personal Identity Connection, with a thesis statement, claims, and counterclaim
  • Use 5 sources (at least 2 articles [at least one should be a scholarly article], one book (can just be an excerpt), and one form of digital media [documentary, TED Talk, speech, etc])
    • Sources must be credible and unbiased. 
    • Turn in a minimum of 25 digital notecards, 5 per source 
  • Write in MLA format
  • Have a bibliography
  • Be a 900-1400 words (double spaced, Times New Roman)
  • Follow the attached calendar, which includes dates
  • Have a total of 16 different assignments that are part of your JRP; we will work together to achieve success!

***A note about plagiarism***

Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s words, ideas, or work as if it were your own. This includes not citing sources in your paper. Even if you paraphrase someone else, you must cite them as a source.

To avoid plagiarism always cite your sources in proper MLA format or use in-text citations. Remember that when you are using someone else’s words or ideas, you must give context and analyze it in your own words. 

Any paper that is plagiarized to any extent will receive a 0. You will NOT be able to pass the quarter without completing the research paper.  Digital authenticity reports will be run on each draft of your paper. 

Drafts will be submitted to, which will run final checks for plagiarism.