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Databases for Assignment

Databases for assignment:

1. eLibrary

2. Student Resources in Context

3. Gale Books 



Argument Research Project

Description: You will create a multi-genre argument research project which supports a specific way you experience joy and/or passion.  You will also explore how your issue shows up locally and is an act of resistance. 

Additionally, you will create a creative element to your research paper presentation. 

Prompt: What brings you joy? What are you passionate about? What issue does this joy confront? How does your passion work against social injustice?


  1. Complete Brainstorming
  2. Research Proposal
  3. Conduct Research and Complete your annotated bibliography: Annotated Bibliography
    1. One interview
    2. 4 additional sources
      1. Reputable sources - 1 journal article
  4. Write the Argument Research Essay: these documents will help you write your essay: Writing an Essay Structure; Argument Research Graphic Organizer ; Argument Research Essay Rubric
  5. Create a creative representation of your joy.
    • 3D object with artist statement
    1. Visual object - image, original photograph with artist statement
    2. Artistic piece - poem, rap, song with audio and artist statement
  1. Create a Works Cited Page

Guidelines for Writing:

2 English Methods of Development in Argument

Writing an Essay Structure

Argument Research Graphic Organizer

Compiling Evidence, and Outlining - Research Argument - Drafting Thesis Statements