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2022 Loeppert & Stanek -- Ancient Cities: Ancient Cities Project

Ancient Cities Project Google Slides


1 Humanities
Ms. Loeppert and Mr. Stanek

Ancient Cities Research Project

VALUE: 100 Summative Points Possible in English and History
DUE: December 2

Over the course of this quarter we have been studying cities in the ancient world and specifically learning about what makes a city successful or unsuccessful. This assignment asks you to assess the success of a specific city in the ancient world. You will research your assigned city’s government, economy, and culture. Then, in a multi-paragraph essay, you will prove that your city was successful, unsuccessful, or a combination of both. In addition, you will research the role that cultural diffusion plays in your city’s legacy and explain how elements of your ancient city have survived to the present day.

What makes a city successful or unsuccessful? Respond to this question with respect to your assigned city. Your thesis statement/claim should clearly assess whether your city was successful, unsuccessful, or both. Your thesis should be supported throughout the essay by clear and specific evidence from your research as well as information from history class.
Use the checklists below to ensure that your essay is formatted correctly and that each paragraph of your essay contains all of the required information.



11/7; 11/9; 11/10; 11/14 -- Class meets in the library for double periods.
11/14 -- Essay Planning Packet due (50 Points) at the end of the period
12/2 -- Essay/Works Cited due (100 Summative Points)

Works Cited Page and Parenthetical Citations
SOURCES: You must find at least 3 sources to include in your works cited page:
● Your sources should be books, scholarly articles or periodicals.
● You must use both electronic and print sources (magazine articles that you access online count as print sources).
● You must use all of your sources in your parenthetical citations.
● You may not use any encyclopedia articles.
● Internet sources with no date or author/editor are not valid research sources.
● All sources must be approved by Mr. Stanek.

WORKS CITED PAGE: You must have a works cited page that includes all 3 of your sources:
● The sources should be formatted in MLA format (wording, spacing, punctuation, indentation).
● The page must also be typed and formatted in manuscript form (1” margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, spacing, etc.).
● If you have more than 3 sources, these must be listed as well.
● (USE MLA FORMAT IN NOODLE TOOLS)—this will automatically format your works cited page for you.

Research Essay:
LENGTH: 3-4 pages typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced. Your paper length may not be less than 3 pages, but may go over by ¼ page. These 3-4 pages do NOT include the works cited page.

PARENTHETICAL/IN-TEXT CITATIONS: You must cite all direct quotations, paraphrased information, statistics, or any other ideas that are not your own. These should come from all of the sources that are listed in your works cited page. In other words, don’t put a source in the works cited that you don’t actually use in the essay.

FORMAT/CONTENT: Please see the Essay Writing Instructions below to ensure that your essay contains all of the required content.