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Databases to Use

Databases AT SCHOOL

1. US History in Context

2. UMI / Proquest

Databases AT HOME

1. US History in Context

2. UMI / Proquest


Dr. Hill

Culminating Philosophy Project 

The culminating project of Philosophy requires you to:  (1) research, present, and connect a popular cultural artifact, with a philosophical idea, construct, or theological concept (2) produce an annotated bibliography; and (3) present a live or recorded multimedia talk about your topic. (4) Be sure your presentation focuses more on PHILOSOPHY and how it shows up in pop culture and NOT simply the  analysis of popular culture.  

Pick a topic that both interests you and allows you to meet the research source requirements discussed below.

Be sure that your project meaningfully and seamlessly integrate sources, all in support of your original thesis.  This is your opportunity to showcase all that you have learned this in philosophy this semester  

Project Components:

  • Research Proposal (10 formative points):  Click here to see the Research Proposal document. Respond thoughtfully to the questions in the Research Proposal in order to further develop your thinking about your topic and formulate your research plan.  

  • Annotated Bibliography (Précis) (10 summative points):  After conducting preliminary research on your topic, produce an annotated bibliography for four of your sources (two primary print sources and two secondary print sources).  Click here for précis and annotated bibliography explanation, instructions, samples, and grading rubric.  You must follow them exactly, or you will lose points. 

  • Research Presentation, including a Works Cited Page (30 summative points):   Students will meaningfully synthesize and integrate their research and arguments into an informative and engaging live or recorded multimedia presentation.  Presentations will be 5 to 6 minutes long and will serve as your semester final exam grade.