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History of Medicine Presentation 21-22


Many people have contributed to the history of medicine.  For this presentation each of you will choose a scientist that exhibits accomplishments in the field of medicine that you are interested in.  You will present and explain the impact they made on medicine. Our textbooks do not reflect all the people that have made an impact on medicine and our presentations should acknowledge and commemorate the contributions different races, ethnicities and genders have made towards medicine. The google slide presentation will be shared with the class so that we can share the knowledge and rewrite the history of medicine for future generations. 


The google slides should include:

Slide 1:  Images of the person (caricature/drawing, portrait, photograph, video) with the name of scientist.  

Slide 2: Images of the contributions or inventions of the scientist

Slide 3: Include dates of importance  (birth/death/discovery revealed or implemented).  Also, include the country born and the country where most of their work was accomplished.

Slide 4: Include major field and schools attended. 

Slide 5: Include awards, honors, and/or major publications (book, articles or presentation)

Slide 6: Image of a timeline of life’s accomplishments (chronological history)

Slide 7: Include the IMPACT of discovery in medicine. Emphasize the lasting impact the scientists contribution has made on medicine. 

Slide 8: List personal comment/quote of the scientist.  Explain scientists' observations in the medical society and how it impacted their lives.

Slide 9: What are some obstacles your scientists encountered and overcame to achieve their success. What advice did they give to prospective medical society about progress in the future? 

Slide 10: At least 2 scientifically credible sources in the bibliography.