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2022 Ginsberg & Williams - Q1 Annotated Bibliography: Home

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1. Global Newstream

2. Culture Grams

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1. Global Newstream

2. Culture Grams



Freshman Humanities: Annotated Bibliography

Ginsberg/Williams 2021-2022


An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that gives a summary of the research that has been done. It is still an alphabetical list of research sources. In addition to bibliographic data, an annotated bibliography provides a brief summary and personal evaluation of the article. Developing your research skills is a primary goal for ALL Humanities courses. Therefore, as it correlates with your choice reading novel, you will be conducting research and reading articles related to the identified country in your novel. This research project will enable you to build background knowledge about a country while instilling strong research skills and strategies that you will utilize throughout your academic career.


QUESTION: What have YOU learned about ________ (country) and how has it changed your perspective about the world and YOUR place in it?


Project Details – What you need to do for this project.


Process: Exactly what you need to do…

  1. Locate 1 book from another country, complete an informational powerpoint about that country using Culture Grams and find AT LEAST 2 sources from 2 different English language news sites about that country. We will encourage each student to set an appropriate goal for number of sources based upon your reading rate and work pace.

  2. Read and annotate (actively read) each source.

  3. Cite your sources using MLA Format on Easybib.

  4. Type necessary information for each source in your template.  


For your two articles...

Find two articles about your country using these two sources (find one article from each).


Source 1: Global News Stream aggregates a variety of news sources from countries around the world.


Source 2: is a database of English language news websites from around the world. When you use this source, your articles should be from two of the following categories (try to relate to your book):

  • Arts + Culture

  • Health

  • Education

  • Sports

  • Society

  • Government

  • Housing 

  • Business

  • Other (with teacher approval)


You will summarize and evaluate the credibility, style and usefulness of the two articles.


For Culture Grams…

Using the country (or one of the countries) from your Global Voices book, make a 5-8 slide presentation, not including cover and citation pages, following the model that we used as a class. Each slide should include a 3-4 sentence (or bullet point summary) with a picture. The slides should include

  • One (1) cover slide with the flag, founding date and other key information about your country AND your answer to the project question: “what have you learned about your country using Culture Grams and how has it changed your perspective on the world and your place in it.”

  • One (1) slide from the Background section of Culture Grams (Land & Climate or History)

  • One to Two (1-2) slides from the People section of Culture Grams (Population, Language, Religion, Attitudes, Appearances)

  • One to Two (1-2) slides from the Customs & Courtesies section of Culture Grams (Greetings, Gestures, Visiting & Eating)

  • One to Two (1-2) slides from the Lifestyle section of Culture Grams (Family, Housing, Dating & Marriage, Life Cycle, Diet, Recreation, Arts or Holidays)

  • One to Two (1-2) slides from the Society section of Culture Grams (Government, Economy, Transportation and Communication, Education or Health)

  • One (1) citation page (click on “create citation - MLA” at the bottom of the main page for your country


For the book…


Remember, when summarizing large works, we just want to focus on the BIG IDEAS. No need to get into all the specific details and events in the book.  When you finish reading your book, here is what you should include in your summary:

  1. Title/Author with main idea of the book (1 sentence)

  2. Setting (when and where the story takes place) (1 sentence)

  3. Brief description of main character(s) (2 sentences)

  4. Conflict (i.e. what does the character want and what’s preventing them from getting it? How do they overcome this problem?) (2 sentences)

  5. Theme (moral or lesson) (1 sentence)