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2022 Costello & Elliott Schrimmer -- Whose Story: Home

Databases Shown in Class

Use this link if you are IN SCHOOL

1. Biography in Context

2. US/World History in Context

3. UMI/Proquest

Use this link if you are AT HOME:

1. Biography in Context

2. US/World History in Context

3. UMI/Proquest


Freshman Humanities: Annotated Bibliography


An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that gives a summary of the research that has been done. It is still an alphabetical list of research sources. In addition to bibliographic data, an annotated bibliography provides a summary and personal evaluation of the article. Developing your research skills is a primary goal for ALL English and History courses. You will be conducting research and reading articles related to an aspect of your identity or another identity group whose story has been absent from your schooling. This project will enable you to learn about an aspect of your identity or another identity group while building strong research skills and strategies that you will utilize throughout your academic career. Additionally, you will begin gathering information to help form an argument about Why should the story (topic) you researched be taught in school?

Skills: Reading comprehension, research, MLA documentation and formatting, analytical writing, and creating an annotated bibliography. 

Process: Exactly what you need to do…

  1. Locate 4 sources related to one aspect of your identity (race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or gender identity, etc.) whose stories have been absent from your schooling experience  OR 

          Locate 4 sources concerning an identity group (race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or gender, etc.) whose       

         stories have been absent from your schooling experience. 

  1. Create an MLA citation for the article 

  2. Read and annotate (actively read) for all 4 sources.

  3. Complete a credibility check 

  4. Type a 1 summary paragraph for each of the 4 sources (4 paragraphs in total) 

Requirements: Your final product will include…

  1. 4 sources/entries 

    1. 2 sources must come from the following: ETHS Library databases. The remaining sources must be credible, but can come from other places (websites ending in .edu or .org are good places to start). 

  2. All sources must have a

    1. MLA formatted citation

    2. Summary paragraph

Timeline: How all of this is going to happen…

  1. Project Introduction: 8/25 and 8/26

  2. Project Brainstorming: 8/29

  3. Library Research and Work Time: 8/30, 8/31, 9/1, 9/2  (During English & History classes; Blocks 3&4)

  4. Check points:

    1. Checkpoint 1: 4 sources printed by Friday 9/2, 1 source actively read

    2. Checkpoint 2: Actively read Sources #1 and #2 with MLA citation and draft summary paragraphs for both sources due Thursday, 9/8

  5. Additional time to work on completing annotated bibliography: 9/8 and TBD

  6. Final Due Date: Friday, September 16th 

Revisions: All students may complete revisions of this assignment for a revised grade. No late revisions will be accepted.