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2022 Shakur & Munoz -- 5 Themes Stories: Home

Databases Shown in Class

Use this link if you are IN SCHOOL

1. US History in Context

2. World History in Context


Use this link if you are AT HOME:

1. US History in Context

2. World History in Context



5 Themes Stories 

Explore a moment of change in your life and the childhood of an older family member,  to explain which of the five themes of geography (Movement, Region, Place, Location, Human-Environment Interaction) are most important to your journey. 

What are we doing?

Create a recorded (Loom) presentation that has:

  1. A thesis/claim that states the 1-2 themes from geography that most impacted your narrative, your interviewee, and their historical moment.

  2. A reading of your personal narrative about a moment of change in your life

  3. A recorded interview (2+ minutes) with someone from a previous generation about a significant moment in their early life. 

  4. A slide that uses research to examine a historical moment related to your interviewee’s childhood.

    1. What happened?

    2. How did it affect people like your interviewee?

  5. An explanation of how a theme from Geography (Location, Place, Human/Environment Interaction, Movement, Region) affected your family story

  6. 3 Credible Sources, one fully annotated

  7. At least three engaging visuals that are relevant to your content

See Mr. Shakur’s Google Slide and recorded example for a reference 

When will we do this?

Week 1


  • Write narratives

  • Family Graphs

  • Practice interviews in class and at home

  • Practice using recording apps

  • Interviewing skills and writing questions

  • 5 Themes of Geography lesson and quiz

Week 2


  • Classes visit Central Library and learn about resources

  • Project guidelines

  • Important adult interview recorded

  • Revising narratives

  • Search database practice in class (w/exit slip)

Week 3


  • Select historical event

  • Visit library to research historical moment

  • Final narrative draft on Google classroom

Week 4


  • Learn how to use Screencastify

  • Record Narratives

  • 1st draft of project template due 10/7

  • Record interviews (Do this for homework)

Week 5


  • Work time in class

  • Final draft due end of class on 10/14

How will this be graded?

  Exceeds (10) Meets (8) Not yet (5)
Thesis Slide clearly states the one or two themes from geography that impacted their narrative, interview, and historical event.      

Slide with a spoken narrative that has:

  • Title

  • a beginning, middle and end, 

  • Described characters, 

  • Conflict.

  • A conclusion

Interview Slide that features a 2+ minute interview with an important adult from your life about an important moment in their life.      
Historical Event Slide that explains the who, what, when, where, why, and impact of the event on the person and society.       
5 Themes Slide explains the theme(s) from geography that are most connected to your narrative, interview, and historical event.       
3 Credible sources listed, One fully annotated      
Project meets all requirements