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2023 Jaffe -- JRP Famous People: Home

Databases Shown in Class

Use this link if you are IN SCHOOL

1. Biography in Context

Use this link if you are AT HOME:

1. Biography in Context




1. Introduction

  • Hook - question or interesting fact or mini story or famous quote about or from your person

  • Brief summary about your person - Pretend your reader is from outer space and never heard of Al Capone or Derrick Rose

  • Thesis statement

2. Multiple body paragraphs - Each body paragraph should have the following:

  •  The first sentence of each paragraph should be a main idea sentence.

  • The remainder of each paragraph should be information related to the main idea sentence.

  • Your last sentence of each body paragraph should connect to the thesis.

Make sure you include the following in your body paragraphs. (1-11)

  1.  Birthdate, birthplace, type of neighborhood, death date (if there is one)

  2. Family background, parents, siblings, lifestyle - Write anything and everything about your person’s family.

  3. Educational background, schools, high school, college, travel, educational related experiences - Write anything related to education.

  4. Work background, jobs, work related experiences.  Write anything that contributed to work, career, etc.

  5. Why are you interested in this person?

  6. What are.were the person’s goals?

  7. What are the person’s values?  

  8. What are the person’s achievements?

  9. What obstacles did they have to overcome to achieve success?

  10. How is/was this person a success?  How did this person influence America?  

  11. Did this person exemplify the American Dream?

3. Conclusion

  •  This is your final word, wrap up paragraph.  Briefly restate how your famous person contributed (positively or negatively) to society as a whole.  Give this paragraph your final ummmmph.