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2023 Jaffe - Editorial: Home

Databases Shown in Class

Use this link if you are IN SCHOOL

1. SIRS Researcher

2. Opposing Viewpoints

Use this link if you are AT HOME:

1. SIRS Researcher

2. Opposing Viewpoints


Paragraph 1/2 – Introduction & Reaction

States the topic you will be discussing and it is usually one or two sentences.  Save your stance and supporting facts until later.  As with all introductions, this should be attention-grabbing and draw the reader in.

This is where you actually state your opinion on the topic you mentioned.  It should be only one or two sentences. 

Paragraph Three (through ?) – Supportive Arguments for your stance

These paragraphs are where you sell your opinion.  You must use examples, strong facts, and details to support your stance.  Each paragraph should be two or three sentences.  Each paragraph contains a different argument for your opinion.

The Other Side

By making a counterargument (giving the other side), you are making your own argument stronger.  Only one paragraph is needed.  After you state the other side, you must then refute it. In other words, give reasons showing why that side is not valid.

 Suggestions or Solution & Conclusion

What do you propose to solve the issue?  This should be one paragraph.  Provide some options to fix the problem. 

 End with an appeal to the readers. What do you want them or officials to do? What message do you want them to take away from the editorial?