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2023 Nord- Hamilton -- Argument Paper: Power in Society: Home

Databases to Use

Databases to Use  IN SCHOOL

1. Biography in Context

2. Gale Virtual Reference Library

3. UMI / Proquest

Databases to Use AT HOME

1. Biography in Context

2. Gale Virtual Reference Library

3. UMI/Proquest


Argument Paper: Power in Society

Power in Society or Global Citizenship

This is the start of a two quarter multi-genre project.  It starts with your research and argument that someone, your person, matters to the world.  She/he/they used power to make the world better.

Goal: Create engaging and informative pieces which communicate why your person makes/made the world a better place

Role: You are a creative sophomore writer with important things to say about our world and your person 

Audience: At first, our class, eventually this *may* become public, if you choose, with different pieces of media

Situation: Our world needs your input!  We need to know how people have successfully used power to influence and change society–locally, nationally, and globally–for the better

Resources: What you’re using to create your product:

  • A biography/autobiography

  • 2+ articles about your person

  • 2+ interviews/speeches/writing from your person


  • An argumentative essay--how your person makes the world better (Q3)

  • An annotated bibliography (Q3)

  • A book review via a podcast or speech (Q4)