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Email if you have any questions about how to do effective searches on the databases or if you need to know which database to use for specific topics.

Remember to ask questions!

If you are confused about anything with the assignment or finding sources, please ask.  We're here to help you be successful with this assignment.  Thanks!


Power Of One Project /  Q4 2023

Important Due Dates 

Thurs 3/23

Fri 3/24

Tues 3/28

Wed 3/29


Step 2 

Step 3 - outline & drafting 

Step 3 - final draft

Step 4

Step 5 

** Be sure to reference the rubrics prior to submission of each step**

Project Steps

Step 1:  About whom are you learning? 


  1. In class you will choose a person from this list

  2. Do some preliminary research-- that means Google them and find basic information. 

Step 2: Annotated Bibliography -- Click here for rubric 


  1. Find 3+ sources using the databases: Gale eBooks & US/World History in Context 

In addition to basic biographical information, your sources should describe

  1. their struggles    

  2. their accomplishments  

  3. their legacy (what they’re remembered for) 

  1. Read/watch those sources. 

  2. Complete the source analysis document on English classroom to outline your annotated bib. 

  3. Please proofread before submitting into this assignment sheet on English classroom 


Step 3: Acceptance Speech -- Click here for rubric 


  1. Watch 3 examples of great speeches and complete the chart on English classroom.   

  2. Begin outlining your acceptance speech located in your English classroom. 

Pretend that you are this real person and you are being inaugurated into the very prestigious association called the Power of One Club.  Write at least a 2-page paper (speech) in which you accept the offer. In your speech, explain why you deserve this recognition and explain how you have exhibited the “power of one.”  This paper must be in MLA format (see slides). 

What do I include in the "Power of One" speech?

  • The time period and area the person lived and worked in

  • The person’s upbringing

  • The significant achievements that makes that person notable

  • How that person overcame obstacles

  • How they influenced others to think differently or how they performed a heroic act.

  • The reason the person is valued—how would society be different without this person

  • How the person continues to influence others.  (What’s his/her legacy?) 

Outline-- Due Friday March 24, end of block 

Final draft: Due Tues March 28th at 11:59pm

Step 4: WeVideo-- Click here for rubric 


  1. WeVideo

  2. Example Animoto

You will create an Animoto video introduction (100points) that functions as a teaching tool for your presentation. You will perform the actual speech after your video introduction. (More details to come about this!)

What do I include in the "Power of one" Animoto?

  • Inspirational (preferably instrumental) song for your background music

  • At least 15 images (maybe even a couple very short video clips)

  • Succinct explanations of person’s highlights

  • List of sources at the end 

DUE: Must be shared by Wednesday March 29th at the end of block

Step 5: Audience 

  • Sign up to perform your speech here.