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Junior Research Project

3 English 

Ms. Kerwin

Your task--your Junior Research Project--is to choose a pivotal American person, event, or invention and you answer these questions: 

  • To what extent was this person/event/invention instrumental to the shaping of American culture and society?
  • Consider race/ethnicity, class, and gender.  Who benefited most from this person’s involvement in America’s evolution?  
  • Ultimately, was the influence of this person/event/invention in America’s development positive or negative?
  • Consider the America that you live in today: is this person/event/invention still impacting us?  Who does it impact and how?

I’ll walk you through the steps in class, but below you will find information about some upcoming components, including due dates and point values. Please read this carefully and refer to it as needed.  


Please note that it is very important that you meet (if not beat) the deadlines for this project. Use your class time wisely, continue your work outside of class, utilize AM Support and the Writing Center if you have questions, and plan your time wisely. This is junior year, and while there is plenty of support available to you, independence and “self-starting” will be important factors to cultivate throughout this project.


Due Date

Point Value

Proposal: this is where you describe several topics that you considered, interviews that you conducted about these topics, the topic that you will research, and your reasons for choosing it, and  your research questions. 

by the end of class on 2/21



Research Sources & Information: at least 4 sources, two of which must be written text.

by the end of class on 3/2



Outline: this allows you to organize your thoughts and research. 

by the end of class on 3/7



First Draft of paper: (*see description below) for peer and teacher review.  As you receive feedback, revise for the…

Please note that if you do not turn this in by the deadline, you will not receive full credit for this assignment and may not receive detailed feedback.  

by the end of class on 3/10



Final Draft of paper: including Works Cited page and all revisions

by the end of the day on 3/16

*Note that this is the 

 last day of Q3!



Presentation: this includes your research findings, argumentative thesis,  and a reflection on the unit

in class