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Databases for Assignment


Quarter 4 Project 

It’s a GREAT day to be a Wildkit! Evanston Township High School has been selected amongst a list of prestigious institutions to be the recipient of a large grant that allocates funding for the creation of a dynamic and compelling new organization. The organization could serve ETHS, the Evanston community, or have a more national or global impact by focusing on a social justice issue. 

Your task: You will conduct research to create an organization that works for a cause that you believe in. You will then present your proposed organization to the class and write a letter to the community explaining the vision for your organization and why the community should support it. 

Step 1: Choose at least 3 issues/ causes that you believe in -- Fill out the topic selection sheet

Step 2: Conduct research 

Your first step is to conduct research on the topic in which you have chosen. You will then create an annotated bibliography of the sources that will be used to create your final project. 

The Source Checkpoints must include a minimum of FOUR sources. The sources should be formatted in MLA (wording, spacing, punctuation, indentation). 

Types of sources—the sources for this project must meet the following criteria:

  • One source needs information about the problem 
  • One source needs information about solutions 
  • One source needs information about pre-existing organizations (this can be the organization’s website) 
  • The final source should represent information that you might be lacking from your previous three sources. 

All source checkpoints should include: 

  • A description of the type of source (newspaper, database, book, etc) 
  • What makes this source credible for research? 
  • A brief summary of the information in the source and what the specific facts that will be used for the project. 
  • An explanation for how this source will be used in the presentation (background information, pre-existing organizations, etc.)? 

Use both electronic and print sources (magazine articles that you access online count as print sources). Two of the sources must be print sources (i.e. books, magazines, newspapers). The textbook is not a valid source. Internet sources with no date or author are not valid research sources. 

The Source Checkpoints will be a grade for both ENGLISH and HISTORY. You must submit an electronic copy on Friday, March 24th 

Step 3: Create an organization that represents a cause you believe in.

**There are two components to this part of the project. Please read each part carefully.** 

1. You will write a letter to the community that explains your organization and informs the public about why it should be adopted. 

A successful letter should: 

Not exceed 2 pages (12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, formatted as a letter) 

Include the organization name and logo 

Include the mission statement 

Include facts and explanations about the problems or why this organization is necessary 

Include facts about how this organization will work to solve these problems in the Evanston/national/global community. 

Explain THREE reasons why this organization should be adopted 

The Letter will be a SUMMATIVE (100pts) grade for both ENGLISH and HISTORY. 

2. You will CREATE a Presentation using Google Slides to pitch your organization to ETHS students and staff. 

A successful presentation will have a slide for each of the following: 

The name of your organization and a logo that you create 

Identify the mission statement 

Use multiple facts/statistics that demonstrate a need for change. Aim to support facts/statistics with a visual. 

A detailed description of what your organization does (this represents your solutions) 

Identify other organizations that already exists that would support this cause. Explain THREE detailed reasons why the Evanston community/country/globe needs this organization. 

Additionally presentations will: 

Be edited for spelling/grammar/mechanics errors 

Contain information that easy for audience members to read (colors, fonts, bullet points when appropriate) 

The Presentation & The Letter will be a SUMMATIVE (100pts) grade for both ENGLISH and HISTORY.