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Renaissance Art -- Loeppert & Stanek 23: Home

Databases Shown in Class

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2. Oxford Art Online



                                                                                  Renaissance Art Quarter Project


150 Summative Assessment Points

100 Formative points (Library Planning Packet and Presentation)


  • Library Planning Packet (all parts):                                 Tuesday, February 22nd
  • Individual Analysis of a Work of Art (Caption):              Friday, March 3rd
  • Group Presentation:                                                            Friday, March 3rd
  • Renaissance Essay and Works Cited Page:                       Friday, March 10th


We have been reading the literature of the Renaissance and studying the revolutionary results of the Renaissance.  Now we are going to take an in-depth look at the art of the Renaissance and see if we can make some connections between art and literature and history.  This project counts for both History and English credit.

Directions:  Working in a group, you will research an artist and then put together a presentation in which you present, visually as well as orally, the artist’s contribution to the world of Renaissance art.  Working individually, each group member will study and write about a specific work of art and complete a writing assignment that links the artist to the greater philosophical and historical ideas and events of the Renaissance.