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How to Access and Use Axis 360: Home

Step By Step Instructions to Axis 360

1. Click here to go to Axis 360. 

2. Click on the upper right hand corner to log in with your ETHS chromebook user name and password.


3. Once you are logged in, I recommend you search by clicking on the 3 bars on the left then "Browse by Subject" then "Young Adult Fiction" or "Young Adult Nonfiction."


4. Once you find a book, if the words "Checkout" appear, that means you can check the ebook out.  If it says "Place Hold" that means it is currently checked out and you need to wait to read the ebook. 

5. Be sure to click on "Your Account" and then "Settings" to set up your email or when you put a book on hold, you will not know that it is ready.

Video Step by Step Instructions to Axis 360