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2022 Lani & Tout - Ted Talks Research: Home

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1. SIRS Researcher

2. Opposing Viewpoints

3. UMI Proquest


Humanities “Ted Talk” Research Project 
Website Project Creation Guide 

Semester 1, 2022

Hello Researcher! 

We are honored to invite you to speak at our Ted Talks event this Fall, 2022: Counter-Narratives: Debunking the Single Story!  


Ted Talks is an event being curated by Humanities. Our goal is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused and on a wide range of subjects related to single stories and stereotypes in our society. We hope to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder-and provoke conversations that matter.


It is critical, perhaps now more than ever, to bring counter-narratives to light that diminish harmful single stories and stereotypes in our world. This is why we are calling on you to hone in on a single story that you are passionate about and create an engaging, original, and well-researched talk that can counter the single story in our community. 


We are huge fans of your work: from your fantastic TED analysis to your critical perspectives, claim writing skills, and impressive research. You would be an excellent candidate for our conference and believe you have powerful stories and perspectives to share, that would really make a difference in our society. 


Your talk would be filmed and incorporate a visual component. It could be up to 7 minutes in length on a single story of your choice. Check out our speaker guide here! 

Ted Talks is tentatively scheduled for December 2022. We believe your voice would be a critical addition to the event. Please have your topic submitted to your Ted Talk Organizer(Teacher) by Wednesday, August 31st.  

We are looking forward to partnering with you in debunking single stories and to your participation in this momentous event! 


Ted Talks Humanities Team


You are creating a website and Ted Talk about the following prompt 

Choose a single story that you feel is dangerous or incomplete. Shatter this single story with relevant counter-narratives and explain the importance of dispelling this single story. 


Please follow the instructions below to create, share, and add content to your sites.  If you need help, please email Ms. Lani at, Ms. Marzen at or


1st Steps 

Page Descriptions and Due Dates

Creating A Site

Sharing your Site

Changing the Site Design

Editing Photos/Images

Accessing Library Databases From Home