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Georgantas -- Reparation AP LANG & AP US 2023: UMI/Proquest

Example Keywords to Use

Example keywords to use:

  • Inequality and Education and Resources
  • Inequality and Housing
  • Inequality and Prison and Sentencing
  • "Health Care" and Inequality and Race
  • "Native Americans" and Injustice and Issues
  • "Free Speech" and Injustice and Colleges
  • "Women's Rights" and Inequality
  • Sports and Athletes and Inequality
  • "Affirmative Action" and Inequality 
  • "Death Penalty" and Abolish
  • "Electoral College" and Abolish
  • "Electoral College" and Change
  • "Electoral College" and Benefits
  • "College Tuition" and Change
  • Police and Reform Or Defund or Abolish
  • "Abolish ICE"

How to Use Proquest

1. Click here to access UMI Proquest AT SCHOOL

Click here to access UMI Proquest AT HOME

2. After entering the database, click on "Advanced Search" near the top of the page.



3. Type in 2 or more keywords in separate rows or use quotations to combine a term.  Click "Full Text."  Then click search.

4. Choose your article.  Then be sure to send the article to your email.




5. Click "Cite" and change to MLA and send to Noodletools.






UMI/ Proquest