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2022 Odisho & Calixte -- Power of Protest: Home

Databases Shown in Class

Use this link if you are IN SCHOOL

1. SIRS Researcher

2. Opposing Viewpoints

Use this link if you are AT HOME:

1. SIRS Researcher

2. Opposing Viewpoints


Power of Protest : Part 1

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” - James Baldwin

Assignment: For your Research Project (which counts as a summative in both History and English), you will create a website with an assigned partner for at least 3 sources with annotations, including a summary, assessment, and reflection for each entry.


Step 1 : Introduction

         - Email your partner to introduce yourself and exchange contact information.

         - This can be phone numbers or just use your ETHS gmail.

          - Please CC Mr Calixte & Ms. Odisho to the emails. 

Step 2 - Conducting Research : Summary

         - Find THREE sources* (1 per person) on your assigned social issue. 

  • Make sure your sources address:

    • Root causes

    • Benefits/Suffers 

    • Activism/Activist Groups

  • Complete the summary graphic organizer (1 per person) on what you learned.

  • *one source must be an informational video. 

Step 3 - Conduct Research : Analyze

         - Using your sources, complete a Source Analysis chart for each source. 

Step 4 - Create a Google Website

        - Use the provided template to create an informational Google website with 4 pages

  • Home page 

  • Root Causes 

  • Benefits/Suffers 

  • Activism/Activist Groups